I am an educator and creative practitioner with extensive experience of facilitating workshops and programming informal and vocational creative learning activities in Museums and Galleries. I have established a range of programmes aimed at supporting young people to cultivate skills as part of paid and voluntary training opportunities, including an award-winning apprenticeship programme at London Transport Museum.

I have most recently managed the development of a brand new programme for young people at the National Gallery. The programme aims to connect a diverse range of young people with the Gallery’s collection, spaces and expertise to support an exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise. This developing programme includes public workshops and events, access and community activities and the Young Producers training programme. I am now working as Communities Manager at The Hepworth in Wakefield.

Rachel Craddock

Rachel Craddock

Young People’s Programmer, The National Gallery

Image above: Young Producer performs a live poem about themes of Bestiality in the Collection as part of a YP Takeover Event © The National Gallery